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Oil Leaks

Oil leaks and drips are sometimes common for car owners. It can be as simple as an unseated oil filter, drain plug seal or a symptom of a larger problem such as a gasket or seal in your engine. Of course the size of drip/spot determines the urgency of getting it checked.

Oil leaks can come from many places, not all of which require major repair or expense. Once the cause is determined then it can be evaluated if there is value in repairing the leak/leaks. There are some small leaks that I advise the customer to not fix because the expense may not warrant repairing the nickel or dime spot the leak leaves. Knowledge is everything, knowing

why your car leaks oil

or uses oil; and when and how to check the level is very important.
Car Oil Leak Repair
If you think of your car’s engine oil as the blood of the car—you can see the value in properly maintain the level and flow. Please

don’t ignore a slight leak

because you are afraid it will only end up being a big or expensive problem. Early symptoms can possibly ward off larger repair expenses. We can properly diagnose the problem and advise you so you can keep your car running safely.

If concerned about your engine oil level due to a leak, you can

check your oil level

using the dipstick. It’s not a bad idea to check the engine oil from time to time even if there are no leaks. It’s true newer cars do not consume/use oil like the older ones. It’s also true most newer cars have a warning light which comes on in the dash when engine oil is low. My position is to use the warning device as back-up because your car may or not have that warning device or may not work as intended.

If you’re ever concerned about your oil level or any of the fluids under your hood and don’t feel comfortable checking it yourself please just drive by and one of us will check it for you. We would much rather do this than have you deal with the results caused by low engine oil or other fluids.

If you’re wondering about an oil leak or drip—please feel free to give me a call 909.981.6844.